First Windows NFC app hits from GoToTags, partners with UPM RFID to boot

The announcement came yesterday that Windows 8 would support NFC in tablets, PCs, laptops and other devices. GoToTags have already launched a Microsoft Windows NFC application and NET-based software development kit (SDK) which gives Windows computers access to NFC functionality. GoToTags are becoming a larger and larger player in the NFC space and have also partnered with the mighty UPM RFID to supply custom NFC tags through their BUYNFCTAGS.COM online store.

What makes the Los Angeles and Seattle outfit, GoToTags , different to most NFC tag stores? Its commitment to offer developers strong APIs and tools to develop applications. Now that the company has partnered with UPM RFID the quantity, supply and costs of its NFC tags is assured. UPM RFID and GoToTags  have joined forces to deliver near field communication (NFC) products and services to seamlessly connect the physical and online worlds (read internet of things) via wireless sensors and devices. UPM RFID are supplying GoToTags with a host of NFC tags and inlays which will now be added to the store’s already popular NFC readers, software development kits and unique NFC products, as well as customization services including printing and bulk serialized encoding.

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