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GoToTags Expanding to Europe to Offer NFC Tags

Apr 12, 2016

As many of you are already aware, there have been some changes in the NFC tag market in Europe recently. For the last several weeks we have been receiving an increasing stream of inquiries from European customers looking for a new provider of NFC tags as their typical UK NFC tag supplier RapidNFC is stopping activity. From looking at their website, the online purchasing is disabled and there has been no activity on their blog or social profiles since the end of January. They were well known in the industry and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

For European customers looking for NFC tags, don’t worry; GoToTags has always serviced customers globally including Europe. Our headquarters for engineering, sales, support and inventory are in Seattle, USA and we have agents in China. We design our own NFC tag products and have contract factories in China and the US build to our specifications. You will find it straightforward to transition to GoToTags as your supplier for your NFC projects; many customers already successfully have. And we even use the metric system! GoToTags offers a wide selection of blank, ready-made, printable and custom NFC tags as well as NFC software, hardware and online services on our online store.  For custom projects, corporate customers looking to setup on-going relationships, or if you just have any questions please contact our team and we will respond quickly.

Given the void in the Europe NFC tags market, we have decided to accelerate our expansion plans. We are actively looking at expanding our sales and operations into Europe so that we can service customers quickly and efficiently. This will roll out in several phases. We are actively recruiting for European-based sales and support staff to allow for even easier communications. The final step will be an operations center for rapid NFC tag production and fulfillment. If you’re interested in being a part of this expansion; please contact us.

Here at GoToTags we are continuing to see increased awareness, adoption and overall growth in the NFC market. We have several customer projects with 100k+ tags each and many more medium sized projects and prototypes. We’re excited for the future of NFC.