intel uw startup hall hackathon

GoToTags Judges Intel’s Seattle IoT Hackathon at UW Startup Hall

May 26, 2015

GoToTags was privileged to take part in the first stop for the 2015 Intel IoT Roadshow series. This was a great opportunity for Seattle area professionals, students, and developers to take part in the next technological revolution; the Internet of Things. Ramsey Brown, who focuses on developing relationships with customers and partners at GoToTags, was a judge at the event in order to help share his expertise with NFC and IoT.

Attendees were given the chance to train and work with Intel’s® Edison™ Development Kits which were specifically designed for emerging entrepreneurs and developers looking to drive the future of wireless sensors and technologies such as NFC tags and BLE (Bluetooth low energy). After Developer Kit training, attendees could take part in a hackathon to showcase their creativity and developer skills. After two days of intense hacking, 24 teams presented their demos to the judges. Ideas ranged from an IoT clock that performs basic tasks, a social media connected smart ornament, a wearable safety device that detects falling emergencies, and the event’s prize-winning idea of a wearable that uses biometric assessments and dynamics to generate and stream music.