gototags nfc encoder 3.11

GoToTags NFC Tag Encoder v3.11 Released

Apr 3, 2017

We are excited to announce a major new release of our NFC tag encoding software plus a new version of our Reel-Reel NFC encoding hardware. This release will also coincide with the transition to a completely new subscription pricing model offering our customers a choice of several plans to suit their needs.

This is great news for our existing and new customers as the functionality of the encoding software is greatly improved and the new subscription pricing model allows us to offer lower per tag prices and provide better service.

The NFC Encoder software is commercial grade Windows software to encode and verify NFC tags and barcodes. The v3.11 software release includes many major changes including:

  • Support for Windows 10 and high-dpi monitors
  • Switch to use new GoToTags .NET SDK for barcode and hardware control
  • An updated and cleaner UI
  • Multiple minor bug fixes and performance improvements

The newly designed NFC Reel-Reel Encoder hardware has been optimized for high-speed NFC tag encoding and includes:

  • A more functional design that can meet industrial scale workflows
  • Support for additional sensors via a new highly adjustable sensor rail mounting system
  • Support for new Leuze tag counters including both optical and ultrasonic tag counters
  • The ability to detect and count a wider range of NFC tags and NFC inlays, both clear and opaque faced
  • An improved power supply

We analyzed our existing customer preferences and usage data and are pleased to announce the new pricing model will offer lower per-tag costs to customers that utilize the software. It is a major revision of the outdated 4-year-old pricing model, which was purely usage based depending on the number of tags encoded during each billing period. The new model offers our customers a choice of several plans with features suited to all levels of usage.

Customers will be able to pause or resume their subscriptions as well as upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time with pro-rated charges. Existing plans will be available until July 1st, 2017 when previous versions of the Encoder will need updating to the new version and customers will need to subscribe to one of our new plans. The reason the existing plans will no longer be supported is that supporting older generations of plans side by side affects our ability to operate a modern and efficient product and we know we have created a range of plans to suit the encoding needs of all our customers.

For those customers just getting started with NFC and only need to work with a few NFC tags, the GoToTags Windows App is software for you; plus its free!

The new range of plans allows us to tailor the product to better fit the scale of different customer operations and we are confident the new model allows improved service and a better version of NFC Encoder that you’ll love. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.