Need NFC in Windows today but don’t want to wait for Windows 8?

Yesterday NFC took the final step towards becoming mainstream as Microsoft announced support for the nascent protocol in Windows 8, which will allow a myriad of Windows toting devices to be developed. These devices include NFC tablets, NFC laptops, NFC readers built straight into PCs and support for many more form factors. However, from when Microsoft announces a new version of its operating system to launch can mean it is still months, and if not well over a year, from being launched. Developers are hungry to develop NFC software now and want to deploy on Windows boxes as soon as possible. Starting to develop an NFC application or service now, when it could potentially take 16 months for Windows 8 to launch, doesn’t allow devs to pay the bills. So, why can’t Windows devs and users have the best of both world? They can now.

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