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Radar Skis and Ronix Add NFC Tags to Watersports Equipment

Jan 17, 2020

Any brand that sells their product through retail distribution struggles with two common questions: 1) How do I deliver my brand message and set my product apart in the retail store, and 2) Who is buying my product? When a brand sells their products online, they control the message and have insight into who they are selling to and who ultimately buys their product.

As of 2019 the retail sales model finally catches up to the online sale model.

In 2019 GoToTags partnered with Radar Skis and Ronix, subsidiaries of Square One Distribution, to deliver a new product and merchandising experience for skis and wake boards sold through their retail channel. Every ski or wake board incorporated an NFC tag that interacts with iPhone and Android phones to present targeted marketing information and cultivate a relationship with the customer and ultimate buyer of their skis/boards.

“Our NFC tags are like a digital button that can intelligently interact with the store sales rep or the customer in just the way you need.”

Radar’s brand manager, Brooks Wilson discovered GoToTags and realized that NFC tags presented the perfect solution to make their skis stand out. Radar came to GoToTags with a long list of questions. Would adding interactive smart tags to their products be costly or cumbersome? Would they hold up to normal water ski use submerged in lakes or should the tags simply be incorporated into the skis’ retail packaging instead? Would they work for both iPhone and Android users? Could they target and update their messaging? Radar sought to develop a relationship with the buyer and to be able to give them information, incentives, engagement activities and product specific value over time and in a way that was easy to use, easy to update and easy to examine the data.

After understanding the unique complexities of Radar’s needs, GoToTags recommended a 22 mm clear wet NFC inlay with NXP’s popular NTAG213 NFC chip. This tag and inlay solution ensured good compatibility, low cost and could be placed beneath the top sheet of each ski to ensure lifelong durability. To provide dynamic, evergreen functionality from the customer side, Radar leveraged the GoToTags Platform to control and monitor all the tag interactions.

Platform encoded tags allow for:

  1. Tag actions to be updated remotely
  2. Tags to be managed individually, in batches or sets, by characteristic
  3. Tag interaction data to be routed directly to Radar’s existing analytics system

By tagging their skis and boards with smart, digitally interactive tags, Radar not only provides a more engaging and valuable real-world experience for their customers, but those customers are also providing them with valuable insights. Much like with Google Analytics, Radar can now determine who, what, where, when, and how their products are being interacted with.

“This evolution of Connected Things – of connecting our real world products to unique digital experiences – is nothing short of revolutionary.”

Customized experiences for in-store sales representatives or customers can be created and tested with real time feedback and analytics. Store vs store message comparisons and localized offers are all enabled via GoToTags which brings the retail merchandising experience on par with the online model.
Radar now has a unique means to continuously communicate with their customers and even provide post-purchase experiences and value. Paired with smart tag features like scan counters, authentication keys and geo-fencing, Radar can use GoToTags to register post-sale products, verify authenticity, offer extended warranties, create tie-ins to social media, and deepen the brand relationship with their customer. With the full richness of Connected Things, any physical product can be connected to a curated digital experience that is responsive, intelligent and that changes how customers, products, and brands interact.