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Railroad Uses Heavy Duty On-Metal NFC Tokens on Train Tracks

May 7, 2014

NFC tags have been used for transportation applications in the past, primarily for ticketing purposes. Now NFC tags are going a bit farther and becoming part of the transportation system itself, in this case with commercial trains. GoToTags been working with a major USA railroad to provide encoded NFC tags for use on the rails at junction points. As you can imagine the junction of a train track is a harsh environment therefore an especially durable NFC tag is required. We supplied the railroad company with our industrial hardened plastic and epoxy NFC tokens which can be either glued or bolted to the rail. These industrial grade NFC tags are meant to withstand dirt, water, small impacts, light chemicals and other such environmental aggression.  The NFC tags are uniquely encoded with the GoToTags NFC Encoder software to allow for individual identification of each position on the railroad.