Reading NFC Tags with iPhone 6 and iOS 8

Apple announced support for NFC in the iPhone 6 today to support Apple Pay. However they didnt say anything about if the iPhone 6 has the ability to read and write NFC tags. Several articles online sourced from our StackOverflow answer about the iPhone 6’s ability to use NFC tags.

From digging into the iOS 8 docs that are available as of Sept 9th 3:30pm there is no mention of developer access to the NFC controller to perform any NFC operations; that includes reading tags, writing tags, pairing, payments, tag emulation… Given its an NXP controller the hardware has the capability to perform these features. They did mention a 3rd party app for the watch that allowed a hotel guest to open their room door with NFC. This is a classic use case for NFC and gives some indication that the NFC controller will be open to developers at some point. Remember, the watch is not supposed to be released until Q1 2015. So for now I’d say it’s closed but will be open soon. Given the ‘newness’ of contactless payments for the general US consumer and the recent security breaches its not surprising Apple wants to keep this closed for a while.

-Craig Tadlock

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