Smart Clothes by Four Levent, NFC Enabled High-End Men’s Clothing

Smart clothes are heading your way courtesy of Swedish clothing designer, Four Levent. The company has launched a new line of Swedish designed shirts for men with wearable NFC tech built into the cuff using NFC laundry tokens from GoToTags. The NFC tags are durable, waterproof and were easily applied to the shirts. Tags come pre-loaded with a link back to, but can be personalized to reflect the customer’s desires.

Four Levent’s focus is designing great looking business and casual shirts with a twist. All shirts share the characteristic stripe on the collar offered in an array of colors. As a new innovative twist, shirts all come with an NFC tag in each cuff pre-loaded with a $45.00 discount; just tap the cuff with an NFC enabled phone to reveal the deal. Four Levent ships their Swedish designed NFC shirts for men worldwide with another great twist, free shipping! As more designers recognize the potential of NFC you can expect more interactive pieces in the apparel industry.

Olof Gunnarsson

I used to be in business meetings all day. It kind of came with the package to wear a suit and a shirt. For over 10 years, I always felt the shirts I had were lacking something. I tried all kinds of shirts in most price ranges, and they more or less looked the same.

Olof GunnarssonHead DesignerFour Levent