GoToTags Expanding NFC Tag Fulfilment Europe – April 2016

Wanted to give an update about GoToTags expansion to Europe. Since we published our initial plans we have been overwhelmed by customers and partners looking to get involved in some way which is very exciting for us. We have been busy lately servicing the European customers from our Seattle, USA office. However we want to service our customers and partners even better. Our immediate priority is to set up an operations and fulfillment center in Europe in which we will stock inventory and be able to quickly and cost effectively get NFC tags and hardware to our European customers. We hope to have this up and running in the next few weeks. After that we will be adding sales, support and other roles. Our initial primary focus will be to service existing NFC service providers and stores rather than end customers. We will be traveling through Europe in May to talk with customers and partners. If you are interested in meeting with us on that trip, please contact us.

In the interim, we are offering 50% off shipping to Europe for corporate account customers on qualifying orders. This reflects our commitment of getting NFC products to our important European customers quickly and cheaply. Contact us to learn more about this offer.

GoToTags Expanding to Europe to Offer NFC Tag Products

As many of you are already aware, there have been some changes in the NFC tag market in Europe recently. For the last several weeks we have been receiving an increasing stream of inquiries from European customers looking for a new provider of NFC tags as their typical UK NFC tag supplier RapidNFC is stopping activity. From looking at their website, the online purchasing is disabled and there has been no activity on their blog or social profiles since the end of January. They were well known in the industry and we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

For European customers looking for NFC tags, don’t worry; GoToTags has always serviced customers globally including Europe. Our headquarters for engineering, sales, support and inventory are in Seattle, USA and we have agents in China. We design our own NFC tag products and have contract factories in China and the US build to our specifications. You will find it straightforward to transition to GoToTags as your supplier for your NFC projects; many customers already successfully have. And we even use the metric system! GoToTags offers a wide selection of blank, ready-made, printable and custom NFC tags as well as NFC software, hardware and online services on our online store.  For custom projects, corporate customers looking to setup on-going relationships, or if you just have any questions please contact our team and we will respond quickly.

Given the void in the Europe NFC tags market, we have decided to accelerate our expansion plans. We are actively looking at expanding our sales and operations into Europe so that we can service customers quickly and efficiently. This will roll out in several phases. We have already set up a UK phone number, +44 (20) 34097852 and have changed our office hours so we have overlapping business hours with Europe. We are actively recruiting for European-based sales and support staff to allow for even easier communications. The final step will be an operations center for rapid NFC tag production and fulfillment. If you’re interested in being a part of this expansion; please contact us.

Here at GoToTags we are continuing to see increased awareness, adoption and overall growth in the NFC market. We have several customer projects with 100k+ tags each and many more medium sized projects and prototypes. We’re excited for the future of NFC.

GoToTags Raises $300,000 from Mucker Capital

GoToTags, a provider of end-to-end software and tag solutions for NFC deployments, announced today that the company has raised $300,000 in funding from Los Angeles-based Mucker Capital. William Hsu, co-founder and Managing Partner at Mucker, led the firm’s investment in GoToTags. The company will use the funds to expand its sales and marketing operations.

Founded in 2011, GoToTags offers the only end-to-end solution for “Internet of Things” (IoT) projects that use Near Field Communication (NFC). The company provides a suite of hardware, software and services designed to simplify the process and enhance the interactivity of NFC tags. GoToTags also sells NFC tags through its online store,

GoToTags has now enabled millions of NFC tags on its platform and has serviced over 15,000 IoT deployments. These projects include ‘smart’ railways, agricultural tracking systems, NFC medical records, interactive museums, and even an NFC voting system. GoToTags’ customers range from individual developers to Fortune 100 companies.

“NFC is finally supported by all the phone manufacturers and the phase of pilot projects is now shifting to large scale deployments,” said Jan Svoboda, a long-time RFID and NFC industry executive and GoToTags advisor. “I see GoToTags leading the way of NFC innovation as the Internet of Things continues to gain popularity.”

“Although our fundraising round hit $1 million, we only took $300,000 because that is all the company needs. We have always run a profitable business and will continue to do so,” said Craig Tadlock, founder and CEO of GoToTags.

New GoToTags Website

After a few years of living with our previous (ugly) website we decided to finally re-do the website. Previously we had the website for basic product and company information, and a separate website for our detailed technical product documentation hosted via Zendesk. That system worked for a while but had several drawbacks including SEO, UI and general ease of use. Now we have a shiny new mobile-optimized WordPress site that combines it all.

R.I.P. Old Website