The GoToTags .NET SDK enables you to easily develop IoT Windows desktop applications. The SDK includes support for NFC/NDEF, barcode scanners and hardware controls systems.

The .NET SDK is used by the GoToTags Windows App, NFC Encoder and Reel-Reel NFC Encoder.


The GoToTags .NET SDK is comprised of several distinct IoT SDKs. Each SDK can be licensed separately or they can all be licensed together.


Read NFC tags information and read and write NDEF messages and records

  • NFC Chip Information

    Determines the NFC chip’s unique identifier (UID), NFC chip type, memory size, formatted and read-only states

  • NDEF Messages & Records

    Read and write NDEF messages and records

  • NFC Readers & Writers

    Supports the most popular NFC readers and writers from ACS

  • NFC Chip Types

    Support for all popular NFC chip types including NXP NTAG and Mifare Ultralight

  • High-Speed

    Support for high-speed NFC encoding and reading on supported NFC writers

Barcode SDK

Read barcode data and formats from popular barcode scanners

  • Barcode Scanners

    Supports USB barcode scanners from Motorolla and Leuze

  • Barcode Data

    Read text data from barcode

  • Barcode Formats

    Determine the barcode format of a scanned barcode; QR, Code 128, DataMatrix…

  • Presentation and Trigger Modes

    Listen to scanned barcodes or scan a barcode at a specific time


Read and set digital and analog inputs and outputs via USB with the Velleman VM110N

  • Digital Inputs

    Read the on/off state of 5 separate digital inputs

  • Analog Inputs

    Read the state (0-100) of 2 separate analog inputs

  • Digital Output Switches

    Set the on/off state of 8 separate digital output switches

  • Analog Outputs

    Set the output value of 2 separate analog outputs

  • High Speed

    Implement high-speed systems with only ~5ms per command


The SDK is licensed per developer and includes a subscription for software updates and support. Several license options are available to choose from based on your specific needs.

  • Basic
  • Basic applications requiring just one of the SDKs
  • One of the SDKs (NFC, Barcode or I/O)
  • Closed Source
  • 1 Year Support and Updates Subscription
  • Email and Chat Support
  • 2 Weeks Free Trial
  • $500
  • Professional
  • Full featured application requiring more than one SDK
  • All of the SDKs (NFC, Barcode and I/O)
  • Closed Source
  • 1 Year Support and Updates Subscription
  • Email and Chat Support
  • 2 Weeks Free Trial
  • $1,000
  • Enterprise
  • Companies that need to extend the SDKs
  • All of the SDKs (NFC, Barcode and I/O)
  • Viewable Source via GitHub
  • 1 Year Support and Updates Subscription
  • Email, Chat, Phone Support
  • 2 Weeks Free Trial of Professional
  • $10,000

Free Trial

A free 2 week trial is available to test the .NET SDK to allow for implementation and verification before purchase.

No refunds are offered for paid licenses.


Each developer within your organization that is working with the SDK must obtain a license. The license may be used by one developer on up to two machines. A license is not needed for build servers, nor are runtime licenses required. No royalty fees are charged.


When multiple licenses are purchased at one time for a development team, discounts apply. Company licenses are available for larger organizations.

2-5 Licenses: 10% discount
6-10 Licenses: 15% discount
Company License: Contact Us


The purchase of a license to the SDK includes a 12 month subscription for software updates and technical support.

The SDK will continue to function when the subscription is expired, but you will not receive updates and be able to receive technical support.


Users with a license and active subscription are entitled to free updates to the SDK for the duration of the subscription term.


After a subscription expires, the subscription can be optionally renewed for an additional 12 months to receive updates and support. The price for a renewal is discounted if the subscription is renewed within 30 days of the expiration.

50% Discount


A license can be upgraded from one type to another by paying the differences between the prices, prorated based on the time remaining in the subscription.

Source Code

The Enterprise license includes access to view the SDK source code in our private GitHub repository. The repository can be forked and modified as needed.

Contact us for details

Please read through the full license details


Technical support for the .NET SDK is available for users with an active subscription.


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