A Bing Maps record is an NDEF record used to launch a query for a location via Bing Maps. The Bing Maps record is a wrapper for a Website record.

Record Data

The GoToTags NFC software represents Bing Maps records with the following attributes.

QueryYesThe query terms to look up in Bing Maps.Seattle, WA
-122.23, 45.45
[{"Query":"Seattle, WA","RecordType":"BingMaps"}]

NFC Encoder Software

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software can encode Bing Maps records onto NFC tags by providing the encoding data on the “Custom Tags” worksheet in the NFC tags encoding file. Enter the full JSON representation of the record in the “Records” column.

Windows App

The GoToTags Windows App can easily create Bing Maps records.


Since there are both web based and mobile apps for Bing Maps, the exact behavior depends on the device type and if the Bing Maps app is installed. If the Bing Maps app is installed the query will be opened within the app; if the app is not installed then a browser will be opened to Bing Maps.