GoToTags Releases .NET SDK for NFC, Barcode Scanners and I/O Control

GoToTags announces the release of its commercial .NET SDK, enabling software developers to easily write their own Microsoft Windows based desktop applications using NFC, barcode scanners and input/output control systems. The .NET SDK was designed and tested with over 5 years of experience developing its own applications, including the GoToTags Windows App and GoToTags NFC Encoder software and Reel-Reel NFC Encoder hardware. The SDKs are easy to use and include code documentation and working example code to read and write NFC tags and scan barcodes with barcode scanners.

The .NET NFC SDK works with a variety of NFC readers and NFC tags; allowing developers to read and encode NFC tags with either NDEF or raw data formats along with reading the NFC chip’s UID, chip type (NTAG213, NTAG215..) and other properties. The .NET Barcode SDK works with barcodes scanners from Motorola, Zebra and Leuze and supports all popular 1D and 2D barcode formats including Code 128, UPC, Datamatrix and QR codes. The .NET I/O SDK works with the Velleman VM100N and is used to read and set digital and analog inputs, outputs and counters; allowing developers to easily integrate motor control systems, counters and other sensors and electronic devices.

The GoToTags .NET SDK is comprised of three distinct IoT SDKs; NFC, Barcode and I/O. Each SDK can be licensed separately or all three SDKs licensed together. Three licensing plans are available tailored to suit the specific needs of all our customers: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. The Basic plan is closed source and is ideal for applications requiring just one of the SDKs (NFC, Barcode or I/O). The Professional and Enterprise tiers are suited to customers who need to develop full featured applications and includes access to all three SDKs. The Enterprise license additionally provides access to view and fork the SDK source code in our GitHub repository. Licenses are per-developer with no runtime licenses or royalty fees. Each license include a 1 year subscription for support and upgrades.

A free 2-week trial is available to test the .NET SDK to allow for implementation and verification before purchase.