Desktop App Features

The Desktop App is a full-featured application for barcodes, NFC and UHF RFID. The Desktop App is intergated with other GoToTags software including the GoToTags Cloud.

General Features

The following general features are included in the Desktop App:

  • Support for major operating systems; Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Language Translations
  • Integrated, context-sensitive help links
  • JSON and properties data format
  • Ability to view, copy to clipboard and save data to a file
  • Configurable audio sounds
  • Automatic background app-updating
  • Fully integrated internal web browser

Barcode Features

The following barcode features are included in the Desktop App:

  • Detect connected barcode scanners
  • Support for multiple connected barcode scanners

NFC Features

The following NFC features are included in the Desktop App:

  • Detect connected NFC readers
  • Support for multiple connected NFC readers
  • Visually and audibly identify a specific NFC reader when multiple are connected
  • Show detailed information about an NFC reader
  • Ability to detect multiple NFC tags on an NFC reader at once (limits apply)
  • Read and show full NFC chip information
  • Add, remove and edit NFC chip NDEF records
  • Perform actions in response to reading an NFC tag
  • Upgrade NFC reader firmware