Desktop App: Read UHF RFID Tags Operation

The Read UHF RFID Tags Operation is an operation featured in the GoToTags Desktop App used for reading UHF tags and export their data to a file.


The Read UHF RFID Tags Operation has the following requirements:

  • Have at least one supported UHF reader plugged in
  • Have at least one UHF tag that is supported by the app and the corresponding UHF reader


The following is the process to setup the operation:

  1. Create or open an Read UHF RFID Tags operation file
  2. Ensure an UHF reader is plugged in and selected

Read Tags

Once setup is complete, start encoding tags:

  1. Click the “Start Reading” button
  2. Present UHF tags in front of the reader until all tags are read

Export Data

When reading is paused or stopped, the operation state will automatically be saved to the operation file, which can be reopened in the app at any time. This data can also be exported to formats such as CSV, TSV and TXT. Exported data cannot be reopened in the app and is meant for user readability. To export the tag data:

  1. Ensure tag reading is paused or stopped
  2. Click the “Export Tags” Button
  3. Select the location and format to export the data to
gototags export nfc