Desktop App Release v4.7.0

The Desktop App v4.7.0 was released on June 22nd, 2023. This release adds support for reading and editing MIFARE NFC chips and barcode scanner detection in the Tag Tools operation.


  • Added support for reading and writing MIFARE NFC chip types. Due to the surprisingly large number of users attempting to read MIFARE chips, we pushed this feature to our top priority
  • Integrated barcode scanners with the Tag Tools operation. For now, only detecting and viewing scanner details is supported while we develop more features for reading barcodes and adjusting scanner configurations
  • Added the operation selection window. This will be the new home screen of the app. For now, only the Tag Tools operation will be available while we move to develop more operations for things like actions and encoding
  • Added a setting to enable and disable reading all NFC chip memory in the Tag Tools operation. When this setting is disabled, basic NDEF message reading will be much faster than before

Bug Fixes

  • For users who did not have a default application set for opening .json files, the app would fail to open NFC chip information in a file. This has been fixed and the app will now open it as a .txt file in that case