Windows App End of Life

The GoToTags Windows App has been shut down as of November 24th, 2023 and replaced with the GoToTags Desktop App. The Windows App was initially created in 2011 and was used by 10s of thousands of users and interacted with 100M+ NFC tags. Like all software, it rusts over time and needs to be replaced. The Desktop App is brand new; built on the deep technical learnings from the Windows App but with greatly improved features, support for all major desktop operating systems (macOS, Linux and Windows) and support for technologies beyond NFC including barcodes and UHF RFID. It is also integrated with our hardware and localized into several languages. The Windows App is no longer available for download.

The Windows App has been completely shut down. Old versions are not available for download

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Deprecated Features

The Windows App deprecation process happened over time as the Desktop App reached and surpassed feature parity.

  • May 2023: Links to the Windows App page removed from GoToTags website. Direct links and/or search engine listings will continue. Initial set of in-app deprecation warnings.
  • July 2023: Start removing the ability to encode, erase and format NFC tags. If working with a small number of NFC tags, the Desktop App’s Tag Tools operation is the replacement. For encoding larger quantities of NFC tags, the Encoder is the replacement until the Desktop App replaces those features as well.
  • Late July/August 2023: The Desktop App will implement an Actions operation; the ability for the app to take an action in response to a tag being interacted with (open URL in browser…). At this point, all features will have been deprecated and the Windows App will no longer be available for new users to download.
  • November 24th, 2023: All instances of the Windows App will stop working.
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