Barcode: QR Code

A QR Code is a popular two-dimensional barcode that efficiently stores alphanumeric characters; often a URL or identifier. QR codes are frequently used for consumer applications as they are more recognizable to consumers than other barcode formats. Custom QR Codes have become more frequently used, but have potential issues during printing and manufacturing.

An alternative to a QR Code is a Data Matrix, which has similar functionality but is not encumbered by patent issues.

qr code barcode

Error Correction

QR Codes have an error correction mechanism to handle unreadable parts of the image due to damage or dirt. There are four error correction levels available with different levels of correction. As the level of error correction increases, the data size of the barcode increases, which requires it to be printed larger to maintain readability.

Level M is the most commonly used.

Error Correction LevelData Correction Capability
Level L~7%
Level M~15%
Level Q~25%
Level H~30%