Interact with Things

GoToTags is a solutions provider of software, hardware, online services and physical tags for NFC, QR, BLE and other IoT technologies.

About GoToTags

GoToTags is a solutions provider of software, hardware, online services and physical tags for NFC, QR, BLE and other IoT technologies. Founded in early 2011 on the idea that the online and physical worlds would be connected via mobile devices and wireless sensors; GoToTags set out to make this a reality. Today GoToTags is an innovative market leader and works with companies worldwide to bring their projects to reality. GoToTags is headquartered in Seattle, USA with satellite facilities in Europe and China.

What We Do

  • Consulting

    We work with companies to define their IoT strategy, products and go-to-market approach to ensure a successful project.

  • Tags & Hardware

    The GoToTags Store is the worldwide leading supplier of NFC tags and hardware. We work direct with factories to integrate NFC into products in order to offer the best NFC products at the lowest prices with the shortest lead times.

  • Tag Management

    Who wants to do the same thing every day? Neither should your IoT project. You can use the GoToTags Platform to manage your tag actions online to provide fresh and intelligent experiences to your customers.

  • Data Analytics

    You need to show ROI for your IoT investment. The GoToTags Platform provides you with the data and tools to analyze and report on your projects. It’s Google Analytics™ for the physical world.

  • Tag Technology

    GoToTags knows IoT and how and when to use each one. Whether it’s NFC, barcodes, BLE or the next new tag technology, we’re ready to help you sort through it all.

Our Customers

Marketing Agencies

We work alongside agencies to bring the Internet of Things to their clients. We have the products, services and experience needed to make your client’s next interactive campaign a success. The agency manages the client and project and we take care of the products and technology.

Product Manufacturers

We bring the Internet of Things to commercial printers, consumer packagers and other product manufacturers allowing them to turn their products into online actions. We supply the blank tags, encoding solutions and experience need to produce Internet connected products.

Service Providers

We help services providers and software companies think through how to best connect software to the physical world. We leverage our deep experience across many industries to help create the best interactive physical experiences and avoid hidden pitfalls.

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