GoToTags Products

GoToTags develops software and hardware products for Connected Things projects that use NFC, UHF RFID and barcodes. GoToTags also offers NFC tags and UHF RFID tags through the GoToTags Store.

Desktop, Mobile and Cloud Software

GoToTags creates software designed for NFC, UHF RFID, and barcode technologies. This software is compatible with desktop operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as mobile platforms and cloud-based services.

gototags desktop nfc barcode uhf encode rfid

NFC and UHF RFID Readers and Barcode Scanners

GoToTags resells third-party hardware and also designs and manufactures its own hardware. Hardware is available for purchase through the GoToTags Store. These reader and scanners work with GoToTags software for a complete application and hardware solution.

acs acr122u nfc device


GoToTags is a major supplier of NFC tags and UHF RFID tags, catering to both businesses and enthusiasts globally with production capability in the USA, Europe and China. Blank and personalized tags, with optional tag encoding services are available. Their inventory spans from small quantities of 10 tags to bulk orders of up to 10 million. These tags can be purchased through the GoToTags Store.

Tageos EOS-430 Clear Wet UHF RFID Inlay 33k Roll - NXP UCODE 9 - 74 x 12 mm Rectangle

NFC and UHF RFID Tag Encoding Systems

GoToTags designs and builds NFC and UHF RFID tag encoding systems: