GoToTags Hardware

GoToTags resells third-party hardware and also designs and manufactures its own hardware, specifically for use with NFC, UHF RFID and barcodes. The range of hardware products includes readers, modules, antennas, as well as systems to encode NFC tags and UHF RFID tags. These products are engineered to be compatible with GoToTags software.

Hardware is available for purchase through the GoToTags Store, with the exception of tag encoding systems.

Store Hardware

GoToTags offers the following hardware products on the GoToTags Store. Most of these hardware products are compatible with GoToTags software.

acs acr122u nfc device

Tag Encoding Systems

GoToTags designs and builds NFC and UHF RFID tag encoding systems:

uhf rfid tags software readers hardware walmart
iphone 15 nfc tags ios
st STMicroelectronics nfc chip tag controller
iphone 14 ios 16 nfc apple nfc tag wwdc app