ACS ACR122U Desktop NFC Reader

The ACR122U is a USB based desktop NFC reader manufactured by ACS used to read and write NFC tags. It supports NFC Forum Tag Types 1 – 4 and Mifare Classic, but not Type 5.

The ACS ACR122T is the same as the ACR122U except in a smaller, thumbstick-sized form factor.

acs acr122u nfc device


Limited specifications for the ACR122U; a more complete list are on the GoToTags Store product page and within the documentation

ConnectionUSB 2.0 (Type A)
Tag TypesType 1 – 4
Operating SystemsAndroid, Linux, macOS, Windows


Drivers for the ACR122U are unique for each operating system and can be found on the GoToTags Public GitLab.


The ACR122U has been cloned by several Chinese companies and sold for low-prices on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and other online stores. Besides the IP and copyright infringement issues, there are quality control problems with these readers; these devices should be avoided.