NFC NDEF Record Types

The NDEF spec defines a flexible way to represent different data types on an NFC chip via a set of NDEF records within an NDEF message; these record types are contextualized via a record type. To store NDEF records on an NFC tag, the NFC chip must be formatted as NDEF. The NDEF specs defines a limited set of record types, however a range of functionality can be implemented via a set of record types derived from the record types defined in the spec.

NFC Forum NDEF Record Types

The NFC Forum defines these record types as a part of the NDEF specifications. They are the underlying, low-level NDEF record types often in which high-level, derived records types are implemented with.

Derived NDEF Record Types

These record types are not defined in the NDEF specifications as first-class concepts, but are derived from and implemented with the official NFC Forum NDEF record types. These record types are commonly used and supported by most modern NFC phones. Many of these use common uri types or mime types which pre-installed applications know how to process. This is a non-exhaustive list of these functional record types: