GoToTags Windows App

A free Microsoft Windows desktop application to read and use NFC tags.


Application Integration

Integrates with external applications to read NFC tag data and to copy tag data to other applications (Excel, notepad…).


How much does it cost?

It is free!

Which NFC readers and chips are supported?

All major NFC readers and NFC chips are supported.

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Can I use NFC tags like a keyboard?

With the Windows App, yes! But not by themselves.

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Are there any limitations?

Up to 50 NFC tags can be encoded per day and internet access is required.

Where can I get NFC tags?

You can buy NFC tags from

What record actions can I create?

A full range of NDEF record actions can be created.

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Can I integrate my software with the Windows App?

Yes! There are several ways for an external application to integrate with the Windows App.

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Need to encode larger quantities of NFC tags?

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software is a commercial NFC tag encoding system.