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GoToTags Expands UHF RFID Capabilities

GoToTags, a leader in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, began in 2011 to simplify the use of NFC for businesses. Over the years, GoToTags has supplied millions of NFC tags globally and developed advanced desktop, cloud, and mobile software and hardware solutions. Today, GoToTags is extending its expertise to Ultra-High Frequency Radio-Frequency Identification (UHF RFID), offering comprehensive solutions in this adjacent industry. The company has recently upgraded its systems to support UHF RFID, including software enhancements, new UHF RFID hardware and modern tag encoding robotics and services.

The adoption of UHF RFID technology has surged, primarily driven by retail mandates from major players like Walmart, Nordstrom, Dick’s Sporting Goods and other big box retailers. These mandates necessitate the attachment of UHF RFID tags to products or packaging, which must comply with specific standards to ensure tag accuracy and readability. These tags must be ARC-certified, undergo ALEC testing and be encoded as per precise guidelines. As more products fall under this mandate, the industry faces increasing pressure, with hundreds of millions of UHF RFID tags deployed annually.


Retailers have started pushing towards UHF RFID, leaving suppliers grappling with new challenges. Most must familiarize themselves with RFID technology, tag encoding processes and compliance requirements. Key concerns include selecting appropriate UHF RFID chips, formatting the Electronic Product Code (EPC), understanding applicable ARC specifications for RFID inlays and the ALEC testing process. Suppliers, primarily occupied with their core business, frequently seek third-party assistance for swift and accurate solutions to avoid costly mistakes and delays.

The RFID industry is currently experiencing strain due to the escalating demand to meet these tag volumes driven by the mandates. Challenges include supply chain disruptions, chip shortages and extended lead times for UHF RFID tags. Existing RFID tag encoding methods must be updated and affordable, but complex and high-priced products dominate the hardware market. Additionally, the industry needs more developer-friendly software solutions, often requiring bespoke software development for basic RFID applications.

GoToTags addresses the needs of both self-reliant suppliers and those seeking external expertise.

Solution: RFID as a Service

For suppliers preferring third-party assistance, GoToTags offers an all-encompassing UHF RFID service. The company is a comprehensive RFID partner, helping customers understand their product requirements, operational constraints and objectives. Suppliers benefit from GoToTags’ seasoned expertise and robust solutions, ensuring lower risk and efficient project execution. GoToTags leverages its sophisticated software and hardware to ensure accuracy and reliability. Services offered include:

  • Expert Consultation: GoToTags provides specialized advice on tag selection, packaging, encoding, testing and operational procedures to ensure compliance with retailer standards.
  • ARC-Certified UHF Tags: GoToTags supplies a variety of ARC-certified RFID inlays and paper-faced stickers suitable for diverse retail requirements.
  • RFID Tag Encoding: Utilizing GoToTags’ advanced software and hardware, clients can achieve fast and accurate encoding for their RFID tags.
  • Printing Solutions: GoToTags offers various printing services, including black-and-white thermal printing and full-color printing options.
  • ALEC Testing Guidance: Clients receive detailed assistance with ALEC testing, a critical component in ensuring compliance with RFID mandates.

This array of services equips businesses with the necessary tools and expertise to navigate the complexities of retailer RFID mandates efficiently.

Solution: In-House RFID

GoToTags offers a range of products for companies inclined towards in-house solutions, including UHF RFID reader, software, tag encoding systems and in-stock UHF RFID tags.

GoToTags UHF RFID Readers

GoToTags has developed a range of modern, high-performance UHF RFID readers, distinguished by their affordability compared to competitor products. Two distinct models are available to cater to diverse needs.

  • UHF RFID Desktop Reader: A desktop UHF RFID reader featuring an integrated circular polarized antenna, ideal for near-range reading applications up to one meter
  • External UHF RFID Reader: Designed for extended-range requirements and is equipped with ports for external antenna(s)

Both models are powered by the latest Impinj Rain E300 and E700 series controllers, ensuring high read performance and compliance with EPC Gen2 standards. UHF RFID developers and system integrators utilize these readers for development, automation and quality control. Seamlessly integrating with GoToTags’ Desktop App software, these readers offer a comprehensive RFID solution. GoToTags RFID readers and antennas can be purchased online at the GoToTags Store.

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GoToTags Desktop App

GoToTags software, used by tens of thousands of users globally, has facilitated over 60 million tag interactions worldwide, highlighting its widespread adoption and reliability. New to the software lineup is the GoToTags Desktop App, a contemporary application designed for NFC, UHF RFID and barcode technologies. This app, a successor to the well-received Windows App, is versatile in handling sophisticated tag encoding requirements and volumes from a single tag to millions of tags. Compatibility with low-cost computers and major operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Ubuntu Linux ensures a broad user base. The GoToTags Desktop App is readily available for download, providing users an advanced, user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it integrates with sophisticated robotics systems, including the GoToTags Reel-Reel RFID Encoder and user-specific tag transport systems, expanding its utility in various RFID applications.


GoToTags Reel-Reel RFID Encoder

The Reel-Reel RFID Encoder, a robotics-based system from GoToTags, represents a modern solution for processing rolls of NFC and UHF RFID tags and barcodes. This system is designed with versatility and is suitable for office and warehouse environments thanks to its compact benchtop size. Remarkably user-friendly, it does not necessitate expertise in RFID technology, making it accessible to a wide range of users. A single Reel-Reel RFID Encoder can encode up to 6 million UHF RFID tags monthly. Customers can deploy multiple units for larger-scale operations, effectively increasing their encoding capacity. This innovative system is offered with an OpEx-focused financial model, eliminating the need for substantial upfront hardware CapEx investments. Instead, GoToTags adopts a usage-based pricing model, allowing customers to scale their costs in line with their tag encoding needs. This blend of efficiency, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness makes the Reel-Reel RFID Encoder an attractive option for businesses to streamline their tag encoding processes.

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UHF RFID Inlays and Stickers

GoToTags markets various UHF RFID tag products, such as stickers, inlays, and hard-plastic tags, from reputable manufacturers like Tageos and Avery Dennison.

Tageos EOS-430 Clear Wet UHF RFID Inlay 33k Roll - NXP UCODE 9 - 74 x 12 mm Rectangle

Where Do We Go From Here

The UHF RFID sector is undergoing significant expansion, driven by retail mandates. This shift necessitates new knowledge, products, and processes for scalable and timely implementation. Collaborating with an experienced UHF RFID expert like GoToTags offers the most direct route to success. Whether as a comprehensive service provider or as a supplier of DIY solutions, GoToTags has the expertise, services, and products companies need to deploy RFID. For more information or to get started, contact GoToTags.