About Us

GoToTags is a solutions provider of software, tags and hardware for NFC, barcode/QR, UHF RFID and other Connected Things technologies. Founded in early 2011 on the idea that the online and physical worlds would be connected via mobile devices and wireless sensors; GoToTags set out to make this a reality. Today GoToTags is an innovative market leader and works with companies worldwide to bring their projects to reality. GoToTags is headquartered in Spokane, WA, USA with satellite facilities in Canada and China. Outside of work the team shares a passion for adventure sports, aerial arts, photography, traveling and animals.

What we do

Connected Things is about connecting physical things to their digital experience; this requires us to excel at both.


Blank and customized NFC, barcode/QR and UHF RFID tags and hardware


Mobile, desktop and cloud software to use, orchestrate and analyze tags

What we’ve been up to