Reel-Reel RFID Encoder Tag Requirements

The Reel-Reel RFID Encoder is designed to encode wet and dry inlays, stickers and labels mounted on a continuous web on a roll with a 3″ cardboard core; similar to roll based printer. The Reel-Reel can not encode all products types, and some products work better than others. The general specifications for what products will and will not work are below.

If you are unsure if your tags are compatible, contact us with your tag specifications. The tags can shipped to GoToTags be run on GoToTags internal units for analysis and validation.

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Tag Requirements

The following are the required and maximum requirements for tags to be used in the the Reel-Reel. Tags not complying to these requirements likely will not work properly.

Product TypesInlays, Stickers, Labels
Tag TechnologiesBarcode, NFC, UHF RFID
Chip TypeDesktop App Supported Chip Types
Maximum Outer Diameter350 mm (d)
Web Width10 – 160 mm
Inner Core– 3″ (76.2 mm) cardboard core
– Includes washers for tension adjustment
Bending Radius30 mm (r)
Tag Thickness– 0.10 – 0.35 mm
– Tags thicker than an inlay/sticker/label not reccommended due to peeling over rollers
Leading and Trailing Liner1 m (required); enough to attach web to rewinder with the first tag positioned before the fist tag sensor
Web1-up tags
Tag Detection– Infrared sensor for gap or registration mark
– Within 0 – 15 mm from bottom edge of web
– Minimum of 5 mm gap
JoinsJoins may cause issues with tag detection
Cut– Kiss cut: ok
– Die cut: not supported
– Continuous: ok, registration mark required
– Perforated: not recommended due to potential for tearing
– Solid (dry inlay): ok