hard summer music festival nfc wristbands

Access Event Solutions Powers the HARD Summer Music Festival with NFC Wristbands

Music festivals are a summer staple; from August 2nd-August 3rd thousands of music lovers converged in South El Monte, CA to take part in the HARD Summer 2014 Music Festival. GoToTags partnered with our good friends at Access Event Solutions to help deploy over 12,000 NFC wristbands that made the attendee experience simple, streamlined and fun. The tech-enabled credential of choice: custom NFC fabric wristbands that are securely fastened to the user’s wrist so the wristband cannot be tampered with or removed. These wristbands were encoded to Access Event Solutions’ Event Technology Platform which acted as a festival management solution, greatly simplifying the attendee entry process. When a guest scanned their wristband at an entry point, an ACCESS GRANTED or ACCESS DENIED prompt was displayed on the mobile device. Through our partnership, the event technology platform improved operational efficiency by 30%, allowing HARD Summer 2014 to manage tiered level access and monitor operations in real time. One benefit allowed festival administrators to track the number of attendees in various VIP sections at any given moment. The festival provides a superb example of NFC technology aiding and improving the music festival scene at its finest!