alaska airlines boardroom nfc stickers

Alaska Airlines Uses NFC Stickers for Boardroom Admittance at Seattle Airport

Alaska Airlines prototyped the use of NFC tags and NFC readers for admittance into their Seattle boardroom. Typically when you enter the boardroom you must show your ID and boarding pass to an agent to verify entrance qualifications. With the adoption of NFC technology, each boardroom member is given a uniquely encoded NFC tag that stores their internal Alaska Airlines identifier. The tag can be scanned by an NFC reader connected to a PC that verifies boardroom entrance qualifications. There are many forms that the NFC tag can comply with including key chains, cards, stickers, and tokens. In the future Alaska Airlines could even modify the airline’s mobile app so an NFC tag wouldn’t be needed. Security and unique identification are two popular uses of NFC technology. We’re excited to see Alaska Airlines putting our NFC tags in action!