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Dauntless Software Traces Legal Marijuana with NFC Labels

Now that voters in several states have elected to legalize marijuana for adult use, governments are grappling with how to regulate a new industry based on a plant that is still a federally controlled substance. Colorado and Washington have implemented so-called seed-to-sale traceability systems that mandate the tracking of every plant, seed, and end product in the legal system. For growers and processors, this can mean a complicated and time-consuming task that typically involves tracking each step in their process with manual keystroke entry or bar-code readers – for grow facilities that can number thousands of plants.

With the simple use of a durable, weatherproof NFC tag and the GoToTags NFC Encoder Software, Dauntless Software has helped solve this issue. TraceWeed™, a service built on its agile TapNTrace™ service, uses off-the-shelf smartphones and a desktop app to allow growers and processors to vastly simplify tracking each item through its supply chain, from its point of origin to consumption, while complying with all state reporting requirements. TapNTrace™ was designed as a traceability solution for a variety of agricultural industries, from livestock and feed to flowers and fruits. Most consumers are unaware of the long journey their food takes before it reaches their plate. However, people are becoming more aware of the food they eat: Where did it come from? How fresh is it? Is it organic? In addition to the aforementioned questions, the life cycle of agricultural goods is a complex issue consumers, governments and industry leaders are attempting to address.

Dauntless has developed an end-to-end solution that allows their traceability service to be implemented in almost any industry and is not restricted to agriculture and marijuana. Durable, low cost tags, wide availability of NFC-enabled smartphones and ease of software development has allowed asset tracking to become a major vertical in the world of NFC.