first nfc book impulse economy

First NFC Enabled Book Links to Exclusive Digital Content

Gary Schwartz’s  book “The Impulse Economy: Understanding Mobile Shoppers and What Makes Them Buy” explores shopping behavior in the ever expanding mobile world and demonstrates how inventive marketing solutions can bring smartphone users to the check-out line by being the first ever NFC enabled smartbook. GoToTags worked with Impact Mobile to add NFC stickers to a limited run of the book allowing readers to gain instant access to additional content by scanning the sticker with any NFC enabled smartphone.

The NFC sticker allows tangible objects, such as a book, to become an interactive medium for potential buyers. “The goal is to engage the consumer and start a permission-based two-way relationship that may lead to the sale of this book or further sales in this category of interest” said Judith Curr, Atria’s executive vice president and publisher. Schwartz’s interactive book provides a simple model of NFC use, but demonstrates the potential of engagement between businesses and consumers. In the future consumers can expect more tangible objects to interact with the web expanding and powering the Internet of Things.