gototags hires jon garrison cfo coo spokane

GoToTags Hires Jon Garrison as COO/CFO

Jon Garrison felt it just made sense. Spokane demonstrated a progressing technology scene in a region that continued to attract talent due to aspects of a quality living like affordability and access to outdoor activities. Garrison knew that GoToTags, itself a recent transfer from Seattle, aligned with his life outlook. GoToTags also held the appeal of an international company transacting across six continents.

For over 10 years Garrison held various positions as the regional and country CFO for a Fortune 500 broadband and cable TV provider in Europe during a time of rapid progression. His focus was to create a seamless connection between the consumer and their chosen content (video, online content, or data) and connecting people to one another (fixed and mobile; voice and data). In those 10 years broadband quickly developed on three fronts: access for and uptake by customers, exponential capacity increases supporting growth in demand, and exponential speed increases facilitating new content use over broadband. The developments during this time enabled on-demand programming, online gaming, and the Internet of Things.

Connected Things became the next development in the digital world as it moved toward the potential for most physical things to have a digital identity. Connected Things simplified the digital engagement since it did not require the physical object to have a powered connection to Wi-Fi or cellular like the Internet of Things does.

GoToTags connected physical things to digital experiences. Simply tapping an enabled smart-phone to a digital tag brought the digital experience relating to that product to your screen. Garrison found if he tapped a wine bottle instantly there was a video from the winery, tasting notes, and suggested food pairings. He tapped a water ski and a professional explained the performance of that particular ski with engaging video clips. Tapping the tag at a favorite restaurant allowed one to place an order for the table without a waitperson. Next to a painting in the museum the tag allowed a patron to learn more about the artist and painting. Each of these actions was initiated by the consumer’s desire to gather immediate detailed information through a seamless digital connection.

Garrison’s company of choice captured the digital experience in the GoToTags platform accessible to the brand or company as each tap was tracked as an individual interaction with data similar to that collected through other digital channels. Analyzed data allowed the company to better understand and manage their potential customers’ interaction at the packaging-based point of sale and their customers’ product interactions through the embedded tags product life.

Craig Tadlock, GoToTags CEO/CTO and founder, expert in near-field communication (NFC) technology that enabled the connection of physical things to their digital experience, developed the leading software platform to capture those interactions in high volumes. The GoToTags’ team helped customers solve their specific application needs and deliver the physical product, encoding, and platform support as they have done for nine years. Garrison joined the team as the COO/CFO by bringing strategic vision, financial expertise, and operational management as the organization scales to meet their accelerating growth.