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How to Choose Which NFC Chip for Your Project

One of the first steps in an NFC project is to choose which NFC chip type will be used in the NFC tags. Here are some practical guidelines for choosing the correct NFC chip for your project:

  • Make sure the NFC chip has enough memory capacity to store what you are going to encode
  • Encode as little data as possible to increase read and write performance and usability
  • Use a modern NFC chip that is readily available; they are better tuned for the antennas in NFC enabled devices
  • Choose an NFC Forum compliant chip to ensure it will work on all NFC enabled devices
  • Most NFC projects will want an NDEF formatted chip
  • Some NFC chips have extra ‘features’; these are not used by the vast majority of deployments so don’t worry about them too much
  • Not all NFC products (stickers, wristbands, cards…) are available with all NFC chips; another reason to use a modern and available NFC chip type