Khushi Baby Uses NFC Tags to Increase Medical Care in India

In India, it is traditional for babies to wear black thread necklaces as good luck charms for health and good fortune. Now Khushi Baby, an organization hoping to help resolve vaccination issues is using similar necklaces combined with NFC technology to revolutionize medical care for children.

Families in rural India face several problems regarding childhood vaccination. At the root many parents remain uneducated on the importance of vaccines for their children. When parents do not realize the importance of vaccines they do not prioritize visiting traveling health camps or do not fully understand that many vaccines require multiple rounds of shots for optimal effectiveness. Health care workers working at mobile health camps do not have proper medical records for children. The lack of medical history and data makes it difficult for doctors to stock up on necessary vaccines and almost impossible to ensure that children receive the necessary doses. In part, due to the unreliable medical history data India has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world.

Khushi Baby reached out to GoToTags seeking NFC tags to act as necklace pendants rather than a key chain. Khushi Baby wanted a smaller pendant than the standard key fob and GoToTags helped find just the right size. Though it is standard for NFC key fobs to come on a metal ring, GoToTags assembled the NFC key fobs on thread necklaces with client-specified knots so that the fobs were ready for distribution as NFC pendants as soon as they arrived in India.

Now when children arrive to receive their immunizations health workers scan the NFC key fobs using the Khushi Baby mobile app to access vaccine information. After children are vaccinated the patient records are updated and synced online to a cloud based service.

The system not only creates an easy to use system for data storage but eases communication between health providers and families helping to raise vaccination awareness in rural communities. The system automatically calls mothers several days before the arrival of a vaccine camp and educates them about the importance of vaccinating their children. The seamless data storage solution utilizing NFC tags is helping solve a real world issue from the ground up!