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Knox Labs Uses NFC Inlays to Power Android VR

The folks at Knox Labs are passionate about two things: Android and CNC machines. As their motivation, they used the Android OS and CNC machines to distribute Google Virtual Reality kits. The project’s goal was to make virtual reality easy, exciting and affordable, as virtual reality kits are typically expensive to deploy and require specialized hardware. The only thing required to make this virtual reality experience possible is a kit and an NFC tag. Knox Labs uses GoToTags’ NFC inlays as their NFC tag of choice.

NFC Inlays are one of the most versatile, inexpensive and simplistic ways to deploy tags on the market.  Their small, lightweight and adhesive backing features give the tags the ability to be easily placed onto almost any surface.  Once the mobile device is placed on top, the Google Cardboard Android app launches automatically making the virtual reality experience effortless. Have a few more dollars to spend? Check out Knox Labs’ newly designed aluminum kit paired with our NFC inlays!