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NFC Tags and QR Codes Used to Promote ‘Under the Dome’ TV Show at SXSX

CBS and SXSW featured a Steven King horror television show; talk about a combination! GoToTags teamed up with mobilehere to provide NFC and QR enabled cards which were handed out to thousands of SXSW 2013 attendees. CBS had several promotional videos they wanted to drive the audience to; leveraging an online tag platform they were able to remotely control the actions of the NFC and QR on the phone. This allowed them to continually provide new and fresh content for their cards as well as capturing the usage analytics. This is a classic usage of multiple IoT technologies (NFC, QR) to connect a physical item (the card) to its digital counterpart (tv show) by driving users to existing marketing content (online videos). As more users become aware of the marketing and advertising capabilities of NFC we can expect to see many more similar applications in the near future.