nfc tag scavenger hunt conference game

Scavenger Hunt Game with NFC Tags at Conference Event

GoToTags attended WIMA USA 2011, an event highlighting consumer trends and evolving RFID technologies. We wanted to showcase the potential of NFC by turning the conference into a physical world scavenger hunt and mobile game. The games pieces were NFC enabled promotional coasters, which were distributed throughout the venue at booths and various other locations. Players had 10 minutes to find as many coasters as possible; this brought the players to exhibitor’s booths in order to boost engagement. When a tag was touched, the player earned points, at the end of the day the player with the most points won a new HTC phone. The trick was that the more times a coaster was touched the fewer points it gave, incentivizing players to find the “rare” coasters. We’re not claiming this is the next big mobile game like Angry Birds but it did demonstrate how easy it was to build combination physical-online games with Connected Things technologies to drive human behavior.