sony custom nfc tag frosh carnival canada

Sony Uses Cloud Connected Custom NFC Tags to Promote Hi-Res Audio Experience

Each year over 100,000 students across Ontario and Quebec, Canada celebrate Frosh Carnival, an event that brings together a young and captive audience to meet new people, socialize with their peers, and sample cutting edge, innovative products. Sony Canada took part in Frosh Carnival this summer and promoted NFC technology along with their Hi-Res Audio products. Students could see the ease of using NFC to pair and stream music from any Android or NFC-enabled device directly to Sony’s headphones, wireless speakers, or sound bar. Sony Canada wanted a unique and unconventional way to engage users with its “Get Your Ears Ready” ad campaign video used to promote its Hi-Res Audio products. GoToTags helped Sony bring this vision to reality by creating a custom designed NFC silicone key chain. In addition, Sony’s “Get Your Ears Ready” ad campaign video was encoded with the GoToTags Platform to help Sony track their deployment. Typical NFC tag deployments offer no tracking or metrics, but by leveraging the power of Google Analytics, we were able to provide real-time reporting and tracking so that Sony could see where they were getting the best ROI on their deployment.