Startup Spotlight: GoToTags Looks to be the One-Stop Shop for NFC


GoToTags founders Craig Tadlock and Keith Kegley saw an opportunity a few years ago when they realized that wireless sensor technology would become cheap enough for consumer use. Today, their startup is trying to fill in all of the key gaps around NFC, or near field communications, a technology that allows devices to communicate with one other over short distances.

The company started by selling NFC-related products online at, a way for the entrepreneurs to get a better handle on the market. Their software division, which operates under GoToTags, includes low-level encoding hardware and software, as well as mobile apps tied to NFC. It also has a cloud platform, which helps big and small companies manage NFC tag deployment, including analytics.

We caught up with Tadlock, a former developer at Microsoft, and Corbis, for this installment of Startup Spotlight.