nfc tags on trees in rainforest for tracking

Using NFC Tags on Trees to Save the Rainforest

A passionate and innovative customer of GoToTags is using NFC cards to create agricultural tracking systems, the process to aid in tree identification within Costa Rican rainforests. Agricultural tracking systems are a critical part of preserving the rainforests; you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Every few months specific trees need to be identified, cataloged, and measured. Traditionally this is achieved by hand, with researchers cataloging in the field and bringing the results back to their office to be classified. With the newly developed NFC integrated model, the trees are now uniquely identified using NFC cards that are attached to the tree by a hole in the card. A minimalistic Android app was written which can read the unique identifier on the NFC card, bringing up a UI in which the researchers can input the appropriate measurement data. When the app regains internet connection, the data is synced back to the central database. NFC cards can streamline data collection processes, eliminate human error, and simplify identification and tracking.