Desktop App Release v4.10.0

The Desktop App v4.10.0 was released on September 20th, 2023. This release adds the long-awaited feature “Auto-Paste” to the Use Tags operation as well as the ability to read barcodes.


  • Auto-paste is now available in the Use Tags operation for NFC
    • Auto-paste UID
    • Auto-paste record data
    • Automatically press “tab” or “enter” after pasting data
  • Added the ability to read barcodes using the Code CR1100
    • View barcode data as records
    • View barcode data as Hex memory
    • Detect barcodes actively in the barcode scanner field
  • Tag Tools and Use Tags operations will now start reading tags immediately when they are opened if a supported device is detected
  • Added a Default Operation option which allows the app to open directly to an operation

Bug Fixes

  • On systems without ACS drivers, the app would try to use a direct connection with the ACS ACR122U causing it to never start reading tags. This has been fixed and the ACR122U will now fall back to a PCSC connection. It is still recommended that users install ACS drivers as they will improve reader performance
  • Some users using the ACR122U were seeing an error saying “A status response cannot be less than 2 bytes” when reading tags. We believe we have fixed this and it should be encountered much less often