Desktop App Release History

The Desktop App is continuously updated with features and bug fixes. If you would like to see a feature or bug fix in a future update, provide feedback to GoToTags.



The following is a list of Desktop App releases:

App VersionRelease Date
v4.14.0February 21st, 2024
v4.13.4February 1st, 2024
v4.13.3January 26th, 2024
v4.13.2January 24th, 2024
v4.13.1January 19th, 2024
v4.13.0January 8th, 2024
v4.12.0December 13th, 2023
v4.11.2November 29th, 2023
v4.11.1November 21st, 2023
v4.11.0November 14th, 2023
v4.10.0September 20th, 2023
v4.9.0August 18th, 2023
v4.8.2July 31st, 2023
v4.8.1July 27th, 2023
v4.8.0July 21st, 2023
v4.7.1July 3rd, 2023
v4.7.0June 22nd, 2023
v4.6.1May 23rd, 2023
v4.6.0May 18th, 2023
v4.5.1May 8th, 2023
v4.5.0May 1st, 2023
v4.4.0March 6th, 2023
v4.3.3February 17th, 2023
v4.3.2February 9th, 2023
v4.3.1February 9th, 2023
v4.3.0January 19th, 2023
December 24th, 2022
v4.1.0November 4th, 2022
v4.0.0September 23rd, 2022

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