Desktop App Release v4.8.1

The Desktop App v4.8.1 was released on July 27th, 2023. This release is a bug fix release for v4.8.0 and also adds support for more chip types.


  • Added minimal support for Fudan NFC chips
  • Added minimal support for Feiju NFC chips

Bug Fixes

  • Some users were seeing an error when reading MIFARE NFC chips saying the app was “unable to determine the TLV block type”. We believe we have fixed this and you should only see this if you have a corrupted tag. If you still see this and believe your tag is encoded correctly, contact us.
  • When reading NFC tags in the Tag Tools operation, the NDEF records would have their data cut off when displayed in the right panel even if the window was resized. This has been fixed and the data will span the entire row.