Desktop App Release v4.15.0

The Desktop App v4.15.0 was released on March 27th, 2024. This release adds beta support for correlated NFC encoding as well as PCSC2 NFC reader support.


The following are new and improved features for the Desktop App. If you would like to see a specific addition to the Desktop App, request a feature.

  • Added the Correlated NFC Tag Encoding operation for encoding tags that need to be correlated to the physical properties of a tag
  • The PCSC2 connection type is now available on NFC readers that support it. This allows for much faster tag reading and encoding, chip-level commands for type 5 tags and multiple tags in the field simultaneously
  • NFC readers that support multiple connection types will now be displayed twice in the reader dropdown, once for each connection type
  • Added a setting to the NFC menubar to enable/disabled NFC reader LEDs and buzzers
  • MIFARE NFC tags will no longer fail to read when proprietary sectors are present. This will allow more MIFARE tags to be read successfully, but the locked data will not be displayed
  • Higgs 4 UHF chips are now supported
  • NXP G2iL UHF chips are now supported
  • Added support for multiple accounts and account switching

Bug Fixes

The following are new bug fixes in the Desktop App. If you find a bug in the Desktop App, submit a bug report.

  • In some cases, the Encode NFC Tags operation would not make a sound when a tag was encoded. This has been fixed and the app should produce a sound after every tag