Desktop App Release v4.9.0

The Desktop App v4.9.0 was released on August 18th, 2023. This release adds minimal support for previously unsupported tags and adds the ability to configure barcode scanners.


  • Added minimal support for unsupported NFC tag types like type 4. Instead of throwing an error that stops polling, the app will now read the UID and display the tag type
  • Added configuration options for the Code CR1100 barcode scanner. This allows for disabling and enabling different symbologies as well as other significant configuration options
  • Replaced some tabs in the Tag Tools operation with a new sidebar navigation UI
  • NFC chip type and tag type will now show in different colors in Tag Tools if they are unsupported or unrecommended
  • Added support for the ACS ACR1552U NFC reader
  • Added support for the ACS ACR1255U-J1 NFC reader in USB mode

Bug Fixes

  • Some NFC tags with unknown or unsupported chip types would cause an error that would stop tag reading. This has been fixed and now the error will show in the Tag Tools tag panel on the right so you can keep reading other tags
  • Some users experienced an issue when enabling/disabling unsupported readers that would stop readers from being detected. This has been fixed and should not show up again
  • Some users received an error saying “NullPointerException” when trying to execute an Action on a tag containing an Application record with no arguments. Now you should be able to launch apps without needing any argument