Desktop App Release v4.12.0

The Desktop App v4.12.0 was released on December 13th, 2023. This release adds support for encoding UHF RFID tags in the Encode UHF Tags operation and full UHF memory reading in the UHF Tag Tools operation.


The following are new and improved features for the Desktop App. If you would like to see a specific addition to the Desktop App, request a feature.

  • Added the Encode UHF RFID Tags operation for encoding large quantities of UHF tags using data from a file
  • Added the UHF Tag Tools operation for reading all of the memory from singular UHF tags. This will also have singular UHF tag editing in a future update
  • The Encode NFC Tags operation now has an option to use the encoding data in reverse order. This is useful for users who have variable data and have unwound and rewound a roll of tags
  • While encoding NFC tags, rows of data can now be marked as “Bad” by right-clicking for cases where a tag is not usable
  • Added support for all GoToTags Desktop UHF RFID readers
  • Supported UHF RFID readers can now be configured in the UHF reader modal

Bug Fixes

The following are new bug fixes in the Desktop App. If you find a bug in the Desktop App, submit a bug report.

  • Some users were receiving an error on app startup saying the app could not get a parent process. This has been fixed and should not stop the app from running anymore
  • The UHF RFID Tuning operation would often fail immediately after starting reading. This has been fixed for supported readers