Desktop App Release v4.8.0

The Desktop App v4.8.0 was released on July 21st, 2023. This release adds support for NFC tag actions in the new operation, Use Tags. It also adds support for detecting supported UHF RFID readers.


  • The Use Tags operation is now available in the operation selection menu as a beta operation. This operation will be used for reading tags and performing actions. For now, only NDEF record “default” actions will be available. This includes:
  • Supported UHF RFID readers can now be detected in the Tag Tools operation. This initial implementation only allows for viewing reader details but is an important step for supporting full UHF tag reading and writing
  • Added support for Application NDEF records. These can reference an application on your machine and arguments to be passed into the application

Bug Fixes

  • Many users received an error when reading tags saying, “A status response must be at least 2 bytes”. This problem is fixed, and this should appear much less often
  • Some users with system languages that change Windows Service system names received errors that would not allow the app to run. We have fixed this, and the app should run in those languages
  • Some users would see an error on app startup saying “Exception in resume onCacellation handler”. We believe we have fixed this and it should no longer crash the app