Desktop App Release v4.11.0

The Desktop App v4.11.0 was released on November 14th, 2023. This release adds lots of new operations to help you read large quantities of barcodes, UHF RFID tags and NFC tags as well as an operation for encoding NFC tags that will replace the old GoToTags Encoder soon.


  • The Sequentially Encode NFC Tags Operation is now available. This allows you to define encoding data in a file, open it in the app, and encode your NFC tags with it. Examples of encoding files can be found on our Public GitLab
  • Reading UHF RFID tags is now supported in the new Read UHF Tags Operation. This operation supports reading large quantities of UHF tags and saving your data to a file
  • Similar to the Read UHF Tags Operation, the Read NFC Tags and Read Barcodes Operations have been added
  • Added the UHF RFID Tuning Operation for understanding read distances on your UHF RFID readers.
  • The old Tag Tools Operation has been separated for each technology as NFC Tag Tools, Barcode Tag Tools and eventually UHF RFID Tag Tools.
  • The old Use Tags Operation has been renamed to Use NFC Tags and all other technologies will receive their own operation for using tags
  • The Operation selection window is now split into tabs for each technology instead of being one long list
  • Added support for UHF RFID EPC decoding and encoding for the SGTIN scheme

Bug Fixes

  • Some users with built-in smart card devices on Windows would receive an error every time Tag Tools was opened. Now these devices will be ignored
  • Some users with older ACS ACR122U NFC readers were unable to use them because they were missing support for a command the app was calling. These readers should work without any problems now
  • In the Tag Tools and Use Tags Operations, an error would arise sometimes when tags were removed too quickly. The app will now treat this as the tag being removed and not show an error