Desktop App: Read NFC Tags Operation

The Read NFC Tags Operation is an operation featured in the GoToTags Desktop App used for reading NFC tags and exporting the data to a data source.


The Read NFC Tags Operation has the following requirements:

  • Have at least 1 supported NFC reader plugged in
  • Have at least 1 NFC tag that is supported by the app and the corresponding NFC reader
  • Only 1 NFC tag is placed on an NFC reader at a time

Data Source

Data can be loaded into the Read NFC Tags Operation from the following data sources:


To setup the Read NFC Tags Operation, you must:

  1. Create or open an operation
  2. Select an NFC chip type


The following is the process to use the operation:

  1. Place tags on the NFC reader one at a time
  2. Stop the operation
  3. Export or save your data


The resulting data from this operation can be produced as:

  • A CSV file containing a row for each tag that was read
  • A TSV file containing a row for each tag that was read
  • A JSON file representing the entire operation which can be reopened by the app