Desktop App: Encoding File

The GoToTags Desktop App uses encoding files to define data to be encoded to an NFC or UHF RFID tag. These files are in either CSV or JSON format and are designed to be user-generated and imported into the Desktop App to be included in an operations file.

Creating an Encoding File

Creating an encoding file must be done manually, however, examples are available on the GoToTags Public GitLab to get started.

Importing an Encoding File

Once an encoding file is created, it can be imported into the Desktop App. This will add the data to the operation file to then be encoded. To import an encoding file:

  1. Create or open an operation file
  2. Click the “Import Encoding File” button
  3. Select the encoding file from the file system
  4. Optionally import more encoding files to append more data into the operation
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